Monday, May 31, 2010

How to Build a Chicken Coup

Step One: Remove carpet from yard.

I know, you're asking yourself, "why do those people have carpet buried in their backyard?" Well let's consider some possible scenarios...

1) "Hey, honey! Let's put an addition on the back of our barn...we'll start with the carpet!"

2) An experiment with indoor/outdoor carpet that went horribly wrong.

3) Green shag carpeting is cheaper than astroturf.

4) A great way to kill weeds!

5) All of the above

Think you know the answer?

The truth is, as we understand from the folks that built our house, it's less expensive to bury carpet in your backyard (and hey, it might help kill the weeds too!) then it is to throw it out. See here in the backwoods of New England, you have to pay money to the town to throw out certain items (and you can only throw out those items once a year). I thought I paid taxes so someone else would not only throw out my trash but also pick up whatever I throw out. Turns out that only happens in NY, if you've got the right connections...

Here's the pile of carpet we (notice how I included myself in this sentence) unearthed from the chicken coup area. You know what's scary...There's more carpet, a lot more carpet, buried in our backyard. At this point, we're not going to dig it up...Turns out carpet doesn't really kill weeds but it provides a lovely walking experience when one is outside minus shoes.
My husband...he's a hard worker and he worked on the chicken coup from 8am 'til dinner time. And I was right there in the trenches with him. Digging up carpet, cutting wood, using a hammer and nails...

Reading a book on my iPod...But I was reading right there in the direct sun...Without sunscreen!!Talk about dangerous...

Starting the chicken coup was hard work but someone had to do it....Good thing my husband married such a hard worker, who is so willing to jump right into any manual labor task!!

PS - I should note that we actually know the folks who built our house and they're lovely people...even if they did bury carpet in the backyard.

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