Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mini Golf

On Monday we had one of those days...those fabulous summer days filled with beautiful weather, open windows, early risings, swimming lessons, picnics, and mini golf.

Nothing has been more exciting for me than to enjoy being with our boys now that they're older and able to participate in more family outings, able to stay up later at night, able to refrain from melt downs, and able to go without pull-ups (that's big people, big!)

And nothing was more enjoyable than taking our boys to a mini golf course for the first time in their lifes. The weather was simply perfect, cool breezes, no humidity, just amazing. The course was filled with waterfalls, park-like spots, gazebos, painted benches, and beautiful landscapes. It was the perfect end to a nearly perfect day...Carter, one who is normally a perfectionist, did a fantastic job at just hanging out and enjoying the experience. He even did a pretty good job at getting the ball in the cup, sometimes right on par. (Is that the right golf language? All I know about golf I learned from a mini golf course...that's telling, isn't it?) He managed to do well even though he held the club in a most unusal way, as seen above. He was quite sure this was the proper way to hold the club....actually...

Cooper decided it was much more fun to just run around the greens and walkways. We did get him to try to hit the ball a few times...He felt it was better to put the ball just a few inches from the cup and then hit it in, after which he's raise the club in the air and shout, "Yes, I did it!" It was precious.

Here's Dad giving advice on the best route for the ball. He did this at each of the 18 holes we played and Carter listened intently. And then he proceeded to hit the ball frequently, any 'ol crazy way, until he made it all the way down the green. Thanks for listening son!

Mama and her boys...Aren't they the cutest things in the whole wide world? :-)

And PS I love mini golf; came in second; was beat by my husband; again; he's evil. OK, not really...but we've been married for 12 years and I've only beat him once at a game...once...sigh...One day my time will come...one day...

Here's a partial veiw of the course...it was wonderful. Big hills, through trees and over bridges....loved it!
We ended the evening with an ice cream...The boys had a cup and it appears that I had a gallon of ice cream...piled on top of a cone. I whined that there was simply too much ice cream on my cone, "who eats this much ice cream?" I asked my husband when he brought me my cone.

Turns out...I do...

Hello Weight Watchers...do you have room for one more?

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